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In 2004, the SDWF Board created the SDWF Legacy Council. The Board envisioned a “special” level of SDWF supporters. The Legacy Council was an opportunity for annual tax-deductible donations to be made directly to SDWF without having to fill out tickets or donating money to enter a drawing for prizes or cash payoffs.

Levels of Legacy Giving:

  • Level I Pheasant $100 – $200
  • Level II Deer $201 – $300
  • Level III Elk $301 – $500
  • Level IV Buffalo $501 – $999
  • Level V Eagle $1,000 or above

Charitable Giving

Anytime of the year is a good time to reflect on the direction our life has taken and give thanks for our blessings of the past year. It is also a time when we look towards our financial affairs and how we can continue to share with others our good fortune.

Below are just some of the ideas on how year-end-donations can provide the greatest benefit to your family and help the South Dakota Wildlife Federation (SDWF) that is a 501(c3) non-profit reach its goals and maximize your tax benefits at the same time.

SDWF is willing to work on accepting any type of donation: cash, stocks, land, merchandise and even your used car. Please contact our Executive Director:

South Dakota Wildlife Federation
Attn. Callie Iversen
PO Box 7075
Pierre, SD 57501

Donating Gifts of Securities

Some people choose to support the SDWF by donating gifts of appreciated securities. In addition to providing SDWF with the crucial financial support needed to conserve wildlife and wild places, you can save on capital gains taxation on your appreciated securities.

Stock Certificates

To use stock certificates, you need a stock power for each certificate that you plan to donate. These stock powers need to be signature guaranteed – simply go to your local bank or broker and have them witness your signature. They will stamp it accordingly.

After you have signed the powers (do not sign the back of the certificate(s)), mail the certificate(s) in one envelope and the signed stock powers with the signature guarantee in a separate envelope. Mail the two envelopes to:

South Dakota Wildlife Federation
Attn. Callie Iversen
PO Box 7075
Pierre, SD 57501

NOTE: To ensure the arrival of your gift, we recommend that the stock certificate be sent by certified mail with return receipt.


To have your broker transfer shares to SDWF electronically, most brokerage firms will require a letter of intent from you to request the transfer. When doing so you can provide the following account information to them or simply have them call Callie Iversen at 605.494.0344 for the information.


To donate mutual funds, it may be necessary for SDWF to set up a new account with your mutual fund company and have the shares transferred into that new account. Once received, we liquidate the shares. We can handle setting up the account ourselves; simply provide us with the name and phone number of your contact. Most brokerage firms require a letter of intent from you or a Transfer of Ownership form to request the transfer. We can help you coordinate this, just contact Callie Iversen at 605.494.0344.

In order to retain the tax benefits for yourself, in all three options, it is very important that you do not sell the shares! If you sell the shares, the IRS will consider any subsequent gift made to SDWF to be a cash gift and will tax you on all the capital gains. But, if the shares you are donating have decreased in value from your original cost, you should consider selling the stock and donating the cash to SDWF. This way you can take a capital loss deduction on your income tax and a charitable deduction for the full amount of the donation.


Memorial and tribute contributions provide a special opportunity to let family and friends know they are being remembered.

A memorial gift is a thoughtful and caring way to express sympathy while sharing concern for our environment.

A tribute gift provides the unique opportunity to honor special people on birthdays, graduations, weddings and other memorable occasions. It is a great way to show a family member or friend that you share and respect their love of wildlife and wild places.

You can make a gift online by clicking on the “Make a Donation” button or you can make a gift by phone by calling Callie Iversen at 605.494.0344. When you make your gift we will send the family or individual a card notifying them of your thoughtfulness.

(Donations are handled through


The charitable gift annuity is a wonderful way to ensure a lifetime income for you while supporting the important work of organizations like SDWF.

In return for your irrevocable gift of cash or securities, SDWF pays you a steady income, or annuity. Annuity rates are based, in part, on your age. Contact us for current payout rates.

Benefits for You

Benefits of charitable gift annuities include:

  • Annuity payments that are partially tax-free
  • A charitable tax deduction in the year you make your gift
  • Potential capital gain and estate tax benefits
  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are providing for wildlife and our environment

Many SDWF friends find that a gift annuity allows them a wonderful opportunity to increase current income – often at a higher rate than they currently receive. Annuity payments are not affected by fluctuations in the stock market. You may choose to donate long-term appreciated securities to establish your gift annuity without incurring an immediate capital gains tax. The gain is smaller than it would be on a sale – and is spread ratably over your life expectancy.


Bob is 75 years old. He would like to support in some way and he also is looking for a way to secure a higher return than his CD’s are providing. At age 75, Bob’s annuity rate is 7.1%. If he makes a gift of $10,000, Bob will receive $710 each year.

A portion of Bob’s annuity payment is considered tax-free for income tax purposes. In addition, he may be eligible to take a sizable charitable contribution deduction in the year he makes the gift.

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit you and SDWF.


NWF is pleased to accept the support of the corporate community. Businesses can direct donations toward general support of SDWF, or for specific projects of special interest. Corporate support is especially important in funding SDWF’s education programs for kids and families, including our annual, Conservation Camp program.

For additional information about SDWF’s corporate giving program, or to learn how your business can make a donation, please contact Callie Iversen at 605.494.0344. Or send your donation or questions to:

South Dakota Wildlife Federation
Attn. Callie Iversen
PO Box 7075
Pierre, SD 57501

The South Dakota Wildlife Federation welcomes corporate support, in adherence to our policy, which precludes conflict of interest in acceptance of gifts.

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South Dakota Wildlife Federation
PO BOX 7075
Pierre, SD 57501

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