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If you enjoy the beauty and variety of South Dakota's natural resources, and want to preserve these resources for future generations, then you have something in common with the members of the South Dakota Wildlife Federation.

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Each month we bring you current and local information regarding all topics that affect the wildlife in South Dakota.

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The Camo Coalition

We are a group of hunters and anglers who are dedicated to protecting the wildlife management and outdoor recreation interests of South Dakota for future generations.

Legislative Daily

  • May/22/2020
    2020 Voting Record

    View how your SD Legislator voted.

    Recently the South Dakota Wildlife Fed. Camo-Coalition (SDWFCC) released its 2020 Legislative voting record on select topics that are important to SDWF members. 

    It is important to note that legislators should not necessarily be judged based entirely on one vote, but rather on their pattern of voting. In this case, only selected issues of major importance to sportsmen and other conservationists are shown. Only losses are shown, not the wins. It is also important to note that not all issues carry the same weight. The bills presented below are among the most important of the 2020 legislative session as determined by SDWFCC. 



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