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Hunter with dog at sunsetSouth Dakota, like other states, is experiencing a decline in resident hunters and fishermen/women. While small in comparison to other states, this decline could challenge our ability to assure that the outdoor activities that we have long enjoyed will be maintained in the future.

Our landscape is changing as well, as more and more people are removed from the rural lives of the past to urban/suburban lifestyles. A direct attachment to the land and its wildlife and other natural resources is more removed with each generation. The outdoor activities we cherish depend on a healthy environmental setting here in South Dakota.

Pheasant on fense postCompetition for money, time and resources are increasing, and pressures from all directions seek to influence how those resources are expended. In the political arena today, you must stand up and be counted and your voice must be heard.

We commit to monitoring current issues facing South Dakota's natural resources and your opportunity to hunt and fish in our state. As issues arise that need your attention, we will send action alerts that will provide the facts to you so you can voice your opinion to the appropriate decision makers.

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Pheasant photo by Bill Antonides