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Pronghorn antelopeIf you enjoy the beauty and variety of South Dakota’s natural resources, and want to preserve these resources for future generations, then you have something in common with the members of the South Dakota Wildlife Federation.

SDWF has over 3000 members, including residents and nonresidents, sportsmen, landowners, and other concerned conservationists from all walks of life. This includes 15 affiliate clubs that assist in promoting youth education, habitat improvement, landowner-sportsmen relations, legislative action, and a host of other conservation-minded activities.

Mallard hen swimming in waterYou can join SDWF for only $30 per year! Or you can join a local affiliate club. (The affiliate club membership fee covers your membership for both the affiliate club and SDWF.) As a SDWF member you will receive our newsletter. The "Out of Doors", the official voice of the SDWF, is published bi-monthly and sent to each member. The paper contains many informational articles and also alerts members to state and national conservation concerns.

As a member of SDWF, you are part of an organization that fights to preserve South Dakota’s natural resources. SDWF fights to preserve the right to use public lands and waters for recreational pursuits. SDWF fights to preserve our outdoor sports heritage for future generations.

It’s an ongoing battle and we need your support! There’s no better time to join SDWF! Sign up today!
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Photos by Bill Antonides